Selected publications containing references to Everett Warner and illustrations of his works.

Anonymous.  An Adventure in Painting, Inspired by the Work of Everett Warner.  Art Instruction, July 1938.  (pg. 10-14, 33)
Illustrations: Steel, Steam, and Smoke; Steal, Steam, and Speed; The Tunnel

Anonymous.  Everett Warner's Paintings of New York.  The American Magazine of Art, October 1924.  (pg. 518-520)
Illustrations: The Municipal Building (cover); Rain; Manhattan Contrasts; West Street

Behrens, Roy R.  Ship Shape: A Dazzle Camouflage Sourcebook.  Bobolink Books, 2012.
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Buchalter, Helen.  Carnegie International, 1939.  Magazine of Art, November 1939.  (pg. 628-637)
Illustrations: Progress and Poverty

Curran, Charles C.  Class Lesson in Oil Painting: A Haarlem Windmill.  Palette and Bench, July 1910.  (pg. 248-249).
Illustrations: A Rainy Day; A Haarlem Windmill

Fusscas, Helen K.  A World Observed: The Art of Everett Longley Warner.  Lyme Historical Society, 1992.  (exhibition catalog)
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Gerdts, William H.  Impressionist New York.  Abbeville Press Publishers, 1994.  (pg. 92, 170)
Illustrations: Manhattan Contrasts (pg. 94); Along the Riverfront (pg. 148, 171)
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Morand, Eugène.  Les Salons de 1905.  Gazette des Beaux-Arts, June 1905.  (pg. 495)
Illustrations: Old Houses of Montreuil

O'Connor, John.  Everett Warner, Painter of Pittsburgh.  The Carnegie Magazine, May 1941.  (pg. 48-50)
Illustrations: As the Sparks Fly Upward (cover); The Winding Stream; Manhattan Contrasts; Dinner for Two

Washburn, Wilcomb E.  A Centennial History, 1878-1978: The Cosmos Club of Washington.
   The Cosmos Club of Washington, D.C., 1978.  (pg. 194-197)